The Mobile Internet from T-Mobile is one of the fastest Internet Connections in Austria. LTE enables you to have a download speed of almost 150 Mbit/sec. Through Pinoyrelax you are able to have the Mobile Internet much cheaper than from other stores. Please note that this offer is valid only for PINOYRELAX members.

The modems itself you will get almost for free (no caution to pay, no waiting times). 5 minutes after signing the contract with us you are able to access the Internet!

One of the fastest Internet Connections in Austria
Option My HomeNet LIGHT My HomeNet TURBO My My HomeNet EXTREME
Included Datavolume 40 GB
+Speed Step Down
60 GB
+Speed Step Down
100 GB
+Speed Step Down
Internet Speed
Download / Upload
20 / 5 Mbit/s
50 / 10 Mbit/s
150 / 50 Mbit/s
Monthly Fee
24 month contract
€ 15,99 € 23,99 € 39,99
Hardware Including a WLAN/Router/Modem (aks our sales agents for details)